FTP access

Since Email (pop3) is not a good protocol to tranfer big files.  Any file bigger than 1M is not recommand to go through email.  AdCity maintains a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site which our clients may access to move files to and from AdCity.  Once you have arranged your file, you can connect to the site at the address: "ftp.ad-city.com".  We recommend that you use a dedicated FTP client such as Anarchie for Macintosh or WS_FTP for Windows. 

Host name: ftp.ad-city.com
User name: adcityftp
Password: dont-need

For upload file: go into 'Upload' folder
For download file: go into 'Download' folder

If you have no alternative you can connect through web browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer) using the URL "ftp://ftp.ad-city.com/".  We have experienced problems using Netscape to upload large files; if you encounter difficulties, we recommend that you download an FTP client from the Internet.

URL: ftp://ftp.ad-city.com

If your brower request login use:
User name: adcityftp
Password: dont-need

For upload file: just drag the file from your local folder and place it into the Upload window, file will auto upload.
For download file: just drag the file from Download window and place it into your local folder, file will auto download.

If you want to setup a direct link in your favorite list, add 'ftp://adcityftp:dont-need@ftp.ad-city.com/Upload' for Upload link, and 'ftp://adcityftp:dont-need@ftp.ad-city.com/Download' for download link.

Special Information for Internet Explorer 7 user: The current version of IE7 does not support FTP. The FTP option in the file menu of IE6 to "Login As" a user to an FTP server is no longer available. Instead, users are required to visit the FTP site in Windows Explorer by typing the URL ftp://uid@server-name (ftp://adcityftp@ftp.ad-city.com) in the Address field of Windows Explorer, IE7 will display "To view this FTP site in Windows Explorer, click Page, and then click Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer.", follow the instruction, and then login window popup and you need to keyin password (dont-need).

We recommend that you make use of a compression utility such as Stuffit (Macintosh) or WinZip (Windows) rather than sending multiple files.  Compressing your files into one archive lowers transfer times and helps us locate your file on our system.  Free compression utilities for both Macintosh and Windows are available for download from Internet Shareware sites.

Once you have established a connection to our FTP site, you can send us your files.  If you are having difficulty doing this, please read the documentation for your FTP client.  If you are unable to solve the problem, please call us at AdCity and we will attempt to help; our ability to solve the problem will, however, be limited to our knowledge of the FTP client which you are using.

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